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About Us

We are here for you!

Deborah & Sonya

Timeless Beauty Med Spa was born out of the lifelong dream and unwavering passion of two remarkable sisters, Sonya and Deborah. Their journey to establishing this sanctuary of rejuvenation was deeply influenced by their mother's wisdom, instilling in them a profound belief in the holistic approach to both mental and physical well-being. With this profound belief as their guiding light, Sonya and Deborah recognized the transformative potential of a med spa not just as a place for therapeutic self-care but as a proactive haven for those seeking to gracefully embrace the passage of time.
Their incredible journey began in December 2021 when they decided to turn their dream into reality. Determined to offer nothing but the best, they set out to bring a team of experts together, armed with the latest and most advanced beauty devices in the industry. This meticulous selection of cutting-edge technologies was aimed at ensuring that Timeless Beauty Med Spa would stand as a symbol of excellence in the field of aesthetics.
In their pursuit of excellence, Sonya and Deborah curated an exceptional team, including licensed medical estheticians, registered and licensed nurses, and a licensed nurse practitioner. All of these experts operate under the expert supervision of a renowned medical director, ensuring that every aspect of your experience at Timeless Beauty Med Spa is characterized by the highest standards of safety and quality.
Nestled within the vibrant Bishop Arts district of Dallas, Texas, Timeless Beauty Med Spa has found its home inside Salon Lofts. Here, they offer an array of medical-grade treatments designed to enhance and revitalize your natural beauty. With a focus on delivering holistic and personalized care, they specialize in services like medical grade facials and microneedling using the premium ZO skincare line. Furthermore, their offerings extend to FDA-approved body sculpting with Emsculpt Neo, cellulite treatment with FDA-approved Emtone, and incontinence treatment with the innovative FDA-approved Emsella, which strengthens the pelvic floor and promotes overall wellness.
At Timeless Beauty Med Spa, they firmly believe that beauty emanates from within, and their mission is to help you unlock the timeless beauty that resides in you. Whether you seek a therapeutic escape, a revitalizing transformation, or simply a way to age gracefully, the dedicated team at Timeless Beauty Med Spa is here to guide you on your journey.
To embark on this transformative experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to them at 682-816-7279 and schedule your next appointment. Discover the true essence of timeless beauty, redefined at Timeless Beauty Med Spa, where your well-being is their top priority.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We are committed to improving confidence and enhancing health and wellness by delivering exceptional service. Our team consists of talented and experienced licensed medical professionals who strive to provide high-quality care and aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. Self-care is not selfish, so let us pamper you! We are here to help you become the best you. Call our medical spa today to book an appointment.

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