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Eyebrow treatment

Brows & Lashes

Brow and lash services are in high demand in both men and women.  The more natural, luscious and healthy the brows and eyelashes are the more attractive the face becomes.  We know that the 'eyes' (and brows) have it.!

About Brows & Lashes

Men and women of any age can notice inadequate or undesirable eyelash and eyebrow appearance. Some individuals may be born with unsatisfactory brow and lash volume, shape, and fullness. Those who have over treated their brows may notice diminishing growth over time due to follicle damage. Some medications may be contributing to poor growth. If underlying medical illness has been ruled out, many candidates can consider an enhancement procedure.


Lack of eyebrow hair and poor eyebrow shape can be a source of frustration for men and women. Additionally, lack of eyelash length, volume, and fullness can detract from overall aesthetic. Fortunately, when the drug store options just don’t cut it or you're tired of spending way too much time in front of your mirror, Timeless Beauty Med Spa can offer a myriad of  noninvasive options to enhance your appearance.

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras
Long Lashes

Benefits of Lash & Brow Tinting

An Enhanced Appearance

The treatment can help give the appearance of fuller brows, providing more definition and restoring their shape. For lashes, they’ll often appear fuller and longer without you stepping foot near a strip of false ones.

Tailored Looks

A far cry from being a standard treatment for all, a good lash and brow stylist will create a look which is ideal for you. If there are coloured tints available, they’ll be able to mix up a shade which goes perfectly with your hair and skin tone. T

Less Makeup Time

 Wouldn’t it be great to wake up with your brows and eyelashes already looking perfect? Some people are even sensitive to some types of mascara or eyebrow pencils, so they may want to try tints as a good alternative. 

Long-Lasting Results

Whereas many of us are used to short-lived mascaras or eyebrow colors which we have to apply each day and take off at night, tints last for up to six weeks. 

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