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What Are Age Spots And How To Treat Them

Updated: May 9, 2023

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What are age spots?

Age spots are circular, and flat dark areas of skin range in color from light brown to black with clearly defined boundaries. Also called liver spots, they usually occur on the face and back of the hands but can be found on any part of the body. They are formed by a concentrated increase in pigment in one skin area.

Although age spots are more likely to occur in adults over 50, younger people can get them if they spend time in the sun.

While age spots are more common in people who have spent much time in the sun. This exposure can also come from long-term use of tanning beds, which has been linked to an increased risk of skin cancer.

Age spot symptoms:

The main symptoms that characterize age spots include:

Color: Age spots range in color from light brown to black. They can turn black after time in the sun.

Texture: The texture of the spots is the same as the rest of your skin. They usually appear in sun-exposed areas. They are flat to the touch and cause no pain.

Shape: Age spots can vary in size from very small freckles to over an inch in diameter. You can easily recognize age spots by their flatness and dark brown to light brown color.

Grouping: They may appear on their own or in a group, which may make them more noticeable.

What causes age spots?

Age spots are usually caused by an overproduction of melanin or skin pigment. Experts are still unsure why age spots develop, but some people have a hereditary predisposition.

In other words, you may be more likely to get age spots if they run in your family.

Other possible causes include skin aging, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, such as tanning beds, and sun exposure. This is why you are most likely to develop age spots on the areas of your skin that receive the most sunlight, such as:

  • Your Face

  • The backs of your hands

  • Your shoulders

  • Your upper back

  • Your forehead

Sunscreen to protect from Age Spots
Preventing Age Spots

Risk factors:

While anyone can develop age spots, they usually appear more commonly in people with certain risk factors. These include:

  • Be over 40 years old

  • Having fair skin or middle age skin

  • Having a history of frequent sun exposure

  • Having a history of repeated tanning bed use

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Age Spot/ Dark Spot Prevention:

To help avoid age spots, follow these tips that can naturally and effectively reduce dark spots or age spots on your hands and face.

1.) Avoid sun in the middle of the day: Avoid the sun, especially from 10AM to 2PM. The sun's rays are strongest during this time. Try to schedule outdoor activities for other times of the day. When exposed to the sun, particularly intense sun exposure, drastically increases the potential of serious health problems like skin cancer, diminish healthy aging and promote severe sunburns.

2.) Use sunscreen: Protect your skin with broad spectrum sunscreen every day – even in the winter months. For best protection, use sun protection factor (SPF) 30 or higher. The higher the number is an indicator of the effectiveness of protective skin preparations. It is designed to protect against ultraviolet uv light, A layer of sunscreen will keep your skin from developing sunspots.

3.) Cover up: For sun protection, you should wear protective clothing a great choice is to wear tightly woven clothing that covers your arms and legs and a broad brimmed hat, which provides more protection than a baseball cap or golf visor.

4.) Lemon juice: Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent, making it an excellent product that is used to combat age spots. The citric acid and vitamin- C present in the fruit makes it highly effective in lightening dark pigmentation. When applied to the skin, it is advisable to dilute it with water and use an antibiotic scrub or apply a washcloth before you leave the lemon juice on your skin and leave it for at least 20 to 25 minutes.

5.) Potato: Potatoes are known for their soothing and healing properties. It is rich in vitamin C, which promotes collagen production. Potassium and zinc work to nourish your skin by balancing the moisture level in your skin, while the vitamin B6 works to help improve the texture and tone of your skin. Potatoes can be consumed as a cooked veggie or in soup form, as well as being added to smoothies to add softness and moisturizing benefits.

A chemical peel is a concentrated solution of acids that is applied to the skin. It gives a deeper exfoliation than your average at-home scrub and helps remove damaged upper layers of healthy skin to reveal new, revitalized skin underneath.

Our ZO glow skincare facial uses detoxifying AHA's that are well known for their ability to deeply cleanse and help repair dead skin cells, as well as collagen production. The solution helps stimulate collagen growth by making it more 'sticky' on the surface of your skin so that it can bind to new collagen created from using our Microneedling Facial or our Stimulant "No Downtime" Peels.

According to Dr. Obagi, the peeling after the treatment is very mild or in many cases not even noticeable, as most of the dead cells are removed by washing twice daily after the treatment. Peeling begins on the third day, following treatment, and may continue for a total of 7 days. There is minimal or no downtime, and your skin will be looking healthier very quickly.

What are the benefits of chemical peels:

Some of the benefits of this treatment include:

  • Diminished blemishes

  • Diminished precancerous growths

  • Glowing skin

  • Improvement in scarring

  • Antioxidant protection

Areas in which the peel is an effective treatment option include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Sun damage, brown spots, and discoloration

  • Hyper-pigmentation

  • Large pores

  • Acne and scarring

  • Rough skin texture

Final Thoughts:

Age spots are harmless changes in the skin that do not cause pain. However, in some cases, their presence can cause some emotional distress, or even worry about skin cancer. Especially when age spots on the face are prominent.

If you've noticed a change in your age spots or want to try to lighten or remove them, and the surrounding skin, a licensed esthetician can provide a free consultation to provide more guidance about your options for treatment.

FAQs About Age Spots

What gets rid of age spots naturally?

Age spots are caused by sun exposure, and can best be treated with natural, non-invasive treatments. Some natural remedies for age spots include lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, aloe vera gel, castor oil, and onion juice. These treatments can help reduce the appearance of age spots over time when used regularly.

Will hydrogen peroxide fade age spots?

According to some research, applying hydrogen peroxide can generally help reduce the appearance of age spots. However, it is significant to note that this method is not yet proven and should be used with caution. We recommend consulting a doctor before trying any home remedies or treatments for age spots.

What deficiency causes brown spots on the skin?

Brown spots on the skin can be caused by a variety of factors, including sun exposure, aging, genetics, and certain medical conditions. Additionally, some vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin B12 or iron deficiency can cause skin discoloration.

When should I be worried about age spots?

It's important to monitor any changes in the size or shape of your brown spots and have them checked by a dermatologist if they appear suddenly or continue to change. If necessary seek a skin biopsy if the skin color continues to darken, Additionally, it is important to take steps to protect yourself from sun damage by regularly using sunscreen and take the appropriate sunburn prevention.

Can a ZO Glow Facial remove age spots?

The ZO Glow Skin Facial is one of the less expensive options for reducing or removing age spots. These facials range from home remedies to professional offerings available only from a medical spa or dermatologist.

If you want to treat age spots with our ZO® Skincare Treatment Facial developed by "Dr. Zein Obagi”!, book your online appointment at Timeless Beauty Med Spa.

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