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Dermaplaning Near me


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About Dermaplaning

A great way to reveal your fresh, healthy skin is to undergo a dermaplaning treatment. A nonsurgical exfoliating procedure, dermaplaning is performed by one of our skilled technicians with a surgical blade. During this treatment, the damaged upper layers of skin along with the fine vellus facial hairs are exfoliated by hand. Often provided along with a facial, dermaplaning will help reveal a brighter, more even complexion and your skin will feel smoother. Contact our med spa to learn more about dermaplaning treatments or schedule an appointment to see the benefits of dermaplaning for yourself. We finish off your facial using ZO Skincare.

Dermaplaning near me
Dermaplaning facial near me

Best Candidates

While patients with more melanin may try dermaplaning (it could cause a discoloration to the skin), lighter complexion patients may be better candidates. In addition, we do ask that your skin be clear. Fever blisters, cold sores, active acne, or rashes on the skin will worsen if a dermaplaning treatment takes place, and we recommend waiting until your skin is blemish free. Please also let us know what facial treatments, if any, you have had on your face recently. We do not want to irritate or damage your skin unnecessarily with a reaction.

What to Expect In a Facial with Dermaplaning

We will take you to one of our comfortable treatment rooms to begin your dermaplane treatment in a private appointment. Since this is not an invasive skin treatment, we will not have to numb your skin. One of our medical estheticians will cleanse your face and gently glide the blade over the outer layer of your entire facial skin (excluding your eyebrows). This will remove fine facial hair, dead skin cells, texture from scars, and other debris on the skin. Then, you can have a customized ZO Facial Skincare Treatment tailored specifically for your skin type. Each facial treatment is performed to target your skin health concerns, and we accomplish this by analyzing your skin for the best use of our products. 

Dermaplaning facial near me
Medspa near me

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